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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:29 pm    Post subject: 007: Nightfire Hd Mp4 Download

007: Nightfire Hd Mp4 Download

James Bond is on a mission to investigate about a stolen space weapon platform. Raphael Drake, who is an industrialist that takes on a job to disarm nuclear missiles, is suspected to secretly using them to start a nuclear holocaust.
James Bond is back. His mission this time, is to investigate about a stolen space weapon platform. They suspect that Raphael Drake, who is an industrialist that takes on a job to disarm nuclear missiles, is actually secretly using them to start a nuclear holocaust. Bond has to go from Austria to Japan, and to the South Pacific to stop Drake and his henchmen.
This game is one one of the best bond games i have ever played in my life because:

The mission's are very good and very fun to do and sometimes they can be really really hard. The story is very good. The driving levels are the most fun to do and the cars in this game are very good. This game has lots of action and good weapons to use. Voice over actors are good but bond would have been better if pierce brosnan had done it but who cares as long as it looks like and acts like him in this game.Also the graphics are pretty good.

Overall score ******** out of **********
To start this off simply, this game is the best 007 game of all time, and most likely the best first-person-shooter at that. It surpasses all of its predecessors in style, music, game-play, graphics, features, and villains. Nothing can rival this masterpiece.

Music: Excellent score and rendition of the James Bond theme song. One of the best opening songs for 007 games/movies.

Game-play: Easy controls (when set to "Nightfire" setting) with ultra-sensitive movement.

Graphics: Crystal-clear picture and extremely detailed buildings and objects. Love it.

Features: So many possibilities. If you don't want to do story mode, you can do multiplayer against computers (whose difficulty levels you can set).

Villains: More than one for a change. Drake, along with his apprentice Rook, and many other fearful Phoenix members.

Weapons: The best out of any shooting game ever made. There are so many of them, and they're all excellent. My personal favorite - the Delta Repeater (crossbow).

Overall: A great game that never gets old.

My ESRB Rating:

Violence - abundant; shooting; stabbing; punching.

Blood/Gore - none

Language - none

Sex/Nudity - no nudity; kissing; implied sex; suggestive talking

Drugs/Alcohol - mild drinking

Please buy this game. A used Gamecube copy now is about $10 at the most, and if this game costs $50, you should still buy it.


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